We have had the pleasure of dealing several times with you, and you have always been right on point. The last purchase went so smoothly, and quickly, and I feel confident it was due to your knowledge and excellent follow up.
    We have dealt with other realtors, but none have assisted us with as many transactions. Whether you have been the buying agent or selling agent, no one has been as efficient as you! I look forward to our next purchase with your assistance.

    Kevin Pinheiro


    Dear Terri:  On behalf of the Sardinha family, i would ike to thank you for the wonderful way you handled the sale of our Mom's property in Bristol.  Your knowledge and expertise was invaluable in every phase of the experience. We were impressed with the adverttisments that featured the house, the professional manner in which you showed the house, the level of communication what never left us in the dark as to what to expect and how to proceed, and the way you made us feel that we were your number one priority.

    Your advice and prompt responses were greatly appreciated. You always gave 110% in accomplishing our goal which was to find the perfect buyer for a house that was very special.  What a great decision we made to chose Home Values Realty!

    Peggy Ruggiero


    Terri -  we listed our home with you in one of the worst real estate markets in close to 20 years.  You were upbeat, supportive, and kept us engaged with news throughout the process.  You maintained our hope that this would happen after all, and sure enough it did!  What I expected would be a two year effort to sell took just over six months, thanks to your savvy marketing and broker experience.   On top of all that, we are very happy with our buyers.  They are so excited about moving in to our home, and it pleases me to know that it will be well looked after once it is no longer ours. 
    You’ve stayed on top of all the details, held my hand and prompted me on things I should be doing.  This has been as smooth a process as I can imagine.   You have earned our trust through your diligence and attention to details every step of the way.   I wish you all the best with your new company and will recommend you as a broker without hesitation to anyone who asks me. 
    Many thanks!

    Peg Marcotte


    In the past two years we have worked with Terri Ferreira for three real estate transactions to include purchasing, selling and renting a house.  We have been more than satisfied with her service and found Terri to be extremely diligent, organized and loyal to the client.  She stays on top of all issues related to the transaction and communicates continuously and effectively with the client and all parties.
    In short, Terri makes it happen. She is a true professional in the real estate field!

    Brigadier General (RET) and Mrs. Michael T. Byrnes
    Weetamoe Farm
    Bristol, RI


    Hi Terry,

    I just wanted to tell everyone about our experiences with you at the helm of our realty actions. First of all, you helped us find a home on the waterfront in Bristol at a great price when the market was booming. On top of that, you helped us sell the same place five years after our purchase at more than double what we paid for it. Because of my job in the military and the constant flux in plans for the future, you were the stabilizing force that helped my wife, Cheryl and I through several moves - whether purchasing or selling and I can testify that each experience was pleasureable due to your professionalism and warm personality. You were the realtor we looked to when we put our Portsmouth Townhome up for sale and again you came through in shining colors. You also helped us find our current home in North Kingstown and negotiated the purchase for us, which made life so much easier. You are the best realtor that I've ever known or dealt with. What's more, you are a delightful and thoughtful person who has remained in touch through the years. You have made us feel like family - someone that we have known our entire lives. Because of your dedication, willingness to go the extra mile and concern for our needs and wishes, you agressively took charge and kept us from dealing with ridiculous offers or unqualified buyers, thereby reducing the traffic through our home unnecessarily. Your screening and negotiating skills saved us a lot of heartache and reduced the stress level throughout all of the moves that you assisted us with - either as our selling agent or buying agent. We will always have a special place in our hearts for you for all the great work that you've done for us. I'd recommend you to the entire state of Rhode Island if you wanted to expand your territorial limits to the borders of our state. You are the best!

    With warmest regards and best wishes

    DL and CL



    I have never sold a home before and was not looking forward to the process. I had been hearing all of the negative press that the downswing in the housing market has been generating, and thinking I would be lucky to sell within a year. I did not know where to begin, sell it myself, hire a realtor, hire one of several family members who are Realtors. My brother, career military, who has bought and sold homes recommended that I "interview" a few potential candidates. With a few shopping tips from him. I sent out some emails to Realtors that had interesting web sites. I was looking for someone that was capable, compatible, but mostly calm and thorough. E-mail responses came in and I set a couple of appointments. The first appointment...was you....Terri..and I immediately felt comfortable. You described the process...your credentials, your marketing plan and the several selling points of my home.

    I did not want to deviate from my plan to meet with several Realtors. I met with 3 others. All seemed capable, but none as good as making me feel relaxed as you did Terri. There was just something about you that made me feel that you were taking the sale of my home seriously...and my personal situation to heart. Exactly the comfort that I was looking for. We signed the contract during Halloween week. Within a day or so, the videographer stopped by....and the video was posted to the Internet. My home looked perfect! The next few days brought 90 viewers to the site! It was amazing!

    You planned an Open House...as well as a Realtor Open House...during the following week, and kept me posted at every step. My house sold in TWO WEEKS, and I very pleased with the selling price....

    Thanks...Terri....as I had envisioned a very stressful process, and you made everything so easy. I gave you an EASY Button from Staples for Christmas. I have a feeling that you are using it often.

    Terri....you took the responsibility of selling my home seriously. You are an "expert" Realtor....and I am so happy to have had your help! You are the best! Thank you for making it all happen.....

    M.T. Falvey



    It’s been just about a few months now since you sold my home and I am now finally moved into my new house that I just finished building. It was quite an experience and I just wanted to thank you for helping me get through the entire process. As you are well aware the current market is extremely challenging and difficult at best. However between the advertising, videos and web sites you got it done! How you were able to find a qualified buyer and secure a price well within our acceptable range in such a short amount of time was such a relief. As you know I was constantly worried about having to shoulder the bourdon of 2 mortgages but you really helped to alleviate all of that anxiety. I just wanted to once again thank you for the professional and caring way in which you conducted the entire transaction. Please feel free to use me as a reference or recommendation for any perspective clients that are considering using your agency. I would be more than happy to tell them about my wonderful experience in working with you.

    Thanks again,

    Richard Almeida


    Dear Terri,

    I wanted to write a letter thanking you for your services. You really were a support for us during the home-selling process. I knew from the first time I met you that this wasn't just a part-time job for you. Your professionalism and concern for selling our house was your first priority.

    What really impressed us was the amount of marketing, open houses, and time that you put into selling our house. Most companies I interviewed didn't want to spend much on advertising and would rather sell homes in neighboring towns. Also, with our busy lives, we didn't have time to financially screen buyers and research real estate laws. Being at the showings, home inspections, and scheduling closings really saved us time with our family.

    You really make the process look easy. When we really needed to sell our home, you came through for us. We would highly recommend you to others looking to buy or sell real estate.

    Thanks so much.


    Hi Terri,

    Your new web site is the one that I visited before I called you. It is, hands down, one of the very best Real Estate Broker web sites I have ever experienced. Terri, even though we had had a few encounters and business exchanges regarding the property a couple of years back, at which point you demonstrated how thorough, committed, available, to name a few of the qualities that you exude, I really didn’t know anything about you. I lived on the Eastside and although I had my RE Brokers license I never used it for any other reason than to have access to the MLS and to be able to Broker my own interests. Hence, I was not “in the know” vis a vis the Broker Talent in Rhode Island. Before I visited your new web site, I had spent a good amount of time on goggle researching (I cancelled my Statewide MLS account at the end of last year) all of the listing agents that currently have properties in Warren and Bristol. And since I had personally shown the property a couple of years back, I knew several of them. Out of those several were a few agents who had left me with just enough of a good impression to have me knowing that a good amount of research and information gathering would be the only way that I would be able to feel, even remotely so, comfortable with the choice that I would ultimately have to make.

    It took me all but 30 seconds, maybe not even that long to know that you were the one to call. Granted I had already been introduced to your sense of professionalism, but I must say that the immediate and complete directive that I experienced resulting from the detailed information that you provide on your web site, made any further research /deliberation simply moot. I am dead serious about this. I remember being astounded at how quickly I reacted.

    Kudos Terri!!!

    You must be in cahoots with some wizard scientist that has perfected human cloning. Where, in Gods name, do you find the time to do anything other than collapse after your 24/7-work week? And to do it so well…nope, no way, who ever said that we are all equal was totally working their own agenda. Either that, or they could not have possibly grasped the meaning of the word “equal” in human language.


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